How to transfer VHS to DVD

As the use of VHS has died out, there is a need to convert old VHS tapes, to the newer format, namely DVD’s. There are a couple of ways to do this:

VHS to DVD Recorder

The cheapest method to transfer VHS to DVD is by connecting a VCR to your TV, along with a DVD recorder. This method works by playing the VHS tape on a TV, and allowing the DVD recorder to record it.

You will need a SCART to composite RCA adapter. Connect the adapter, to the SCART connection on the rear of the VCR. A composite triple RCA cable is also needed; the red and white cables are for audio, and the yellow cable is for video. Connect one side of the composite cable to the adapter, and the other side of the composite cable to the input on the DVD recorder. Some adapters and RCA cables come with an S-Video connector. This can provide higher quality video when converting from VHS to DVD.

However, if both your DVD recorder and your VCR happen to have SCART connections, you can connect the two using only a SCART cable.

Finally, play the VHS tape. Insert a recordable DVD into the DVD recorder, and start recording.

Video Transfer Device

This is the rather more expensive method, but there is no need to watch the VHS tape; therefore when using this method, there is no need for a TV. All that is needed to be done here is, to connect the VCR player to one end of the video transfer device, and a USB to the other end of the device. Once, the process is finished you can transfer the file from the USB to a DVD.

Analogue to DV Converter

If you not only want to transfer VHS to DVD, but prefer to edit it along the way, you can do so. You will need an analogue to DV converter, a composite cable, a firewire cable and also editing software.

Connect the VCR to the converter using a composite cable. Using a firewire cable, you also need to connect your computer to the convertor. Bear in mind that not all computers possess a firewire port.

Editing software is needed to complete the process. Once you have finished editing, you can burn the finished product onto a DVD.